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Corps of Artillery Equipment Guideline

Uniform and Equipment supplied by the Fort McHenry Guard

  • Blue Wool Artillery Coatee
  • Soldier’s shirt
  • White Trousers
  • Shoes
  • Black Leather Shako
  • Wool Fatigue Cap
  • Black Leather Neckstock
  • White Summer Roundabout Jacket
  • Black Gaiters
  • Cartridge Box and White Leather Sling
  • Bayonet Scabbard and White Leather Sling
  • Wooden Canteen
  • Linen Haversack
  • 1795 Springfield Musket and Bayonet

For additional interpretations you may be issued the following:

  • Maryland Militia Coatee
  • US Sea Fencibles Blue Wool Roundabout
  • Black Felt Round Hat

Additional equipment and personal items you may purchase privately to improve on your interpretation, but are not required

  • 1808 L’herbette Pattern Knapsack - this is an item of limited supply by the Fort McHenry Guard
    • GG Godwin ($100)
    • Gary Beauregard - US Sword and Uniform

  • Fatigue Frock
    • Steve Abolt, Allegheny Arsenal ($100 for kit)
    • Jas. Townsend Work Smock ($55 osnaburg or $100 linen)

  • White Wool Blanket  100% wool, “full-size” approx. 54”x75” Period blankets were 3 points, white with a single indigo stripe on either end. These are hard to come by, so a plain white blanket is appropriate.
    • GGGodwin ($75) - 81" x 83" can always be cut down
    • Rob Stone ($210) 3 point blanket  http://www.highhorsetrading.com/

Personal Items - some items can be found at Jas. Townsend, Avalon Forge, or GG Godwin

  • Wooden Bowl/tin plate, Spoon, Fork
  • Soldier’s cup (tin)
  • Toothbrush (horn or bone)
  • Comb (horn or bone)
  • Period wool or cotton socks
  • Period games (checkers, dice, cards)
  • Housewife (sewing kit)
  • Period Books/Pamphlets