Fun and Fury CD



Authentic Civil War Fife and Drum Music "FUN & FURY" by the 2nd United States Artillery, Fort McHenry Guard Fife and Drum Corps
Civil War fife and drum music played from original publications such as Col.H.C Hart's New and Improved Instructor for the Drum, Elias Howe, Jr. Collection, The Drummers' and Fifers' Guide by Geo. B. Bruce and Dan D. Emmett.
Recorded with Civil War reproduction Cooperman contract rope tension drums, calve skin heads and reproduction Firth and Pond 1862 fifes.

The musical selections reflect popular melodies of the era, favourites of the soldiers of the North and South as mentioned in Delavan Millers "Drum Taps in Dixie"


"Their drum corps was a good one, too, but of course the boys of the Second New York thought they were a little better than the Bay State fellows, consequently quite a little rivalry existed between the organizations, and when the regiments were out for review or brigade drill the stalwart drummers from down East would always try to drown out the lads of the Second Heavy. They were all full grown men while our drum corps was made up of boys all under eighteen years of age. Their music was always the "When the Springtime Comes, Gentle Annie," and "Chunks of Pudding and Pieces of Pie," style, played in 6-8 time, just suited to the stalwart men in their ranks; while ours was more of the "Rory O'More," "Garry Owen" and "Get-out-of-the-way-Old-Dan-Tucker" sort, which we played 2-4 time, better adapted to the quick-stepping New Yorkers behind us. We had some dandy uniforms, too..."

This recording captures the driving quick-stepping styles of the 2-4 pieces such as Moonlight Quickstep and the "Chunks of Pudding " 6-8 with such tunes as Bonnie Doon and Col. Terryes. Only highlighted by the deep rich sound of the calveskin heads and accompanying fifes.

The Fort McHenry Guard Fife and Drum Corps is the official NPS sponsored living history drum corps for the Bicentennial War of 1812 and 150th Civil War commemoration events.


Yankee Doodle
Garry Owen
The Girl I Left Behind Me
Rory O'Moore
Oyster River
Battle Cry of Freedom

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Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Md.,
Maryland Historical Society
B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, Md.
Regimental Quartermaster, Gettysburg, Pa.
Fredericksburg, Va.
Manassas, Va.
Arlington House, Va.