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Clothing Guidelines

Fort McHenry Female Citizen Primary Clothing Patterns


(please see full clothing list for accessories)







shift of white 3.5-oz. linen (or cotton)

Kannik's Korner #KK-6103 - Woman's Shift 1790-1820

http://www.kannikskorner.com/ patwomen2. htm


Corset for day dress:

stays of white or off-white linen, or cotton drill

Mantua Maker #1810-3 - Regency Corset 1800-1820

http://www.farthingales.on.ca/ patterns. php

or http://www.farthing ales.on.ca/ rcorset_kit. php

(see pic only, ignore supplies, especially the pink satin)


or a recent find and accurate:





Short Gown and Petticoat for Laundry:


Stock #:PI-462

High Waisted Shortgown and Petticoat Pattern

By Period Impressions. (note that the shortgown seems a little long in drawing-may want to shorten it)


Middle Class Dress for Special Ocassions:

Stock #:PI-464

Bibb Front Muslin Dress 1800-1812 Pattern



Dress does not have to be muslin and can be long or short sleeved.

Outerwear can be either cotton solid color or appropriate period print.  Please acquire sample for review.

This dress replaces my previous suggestion for the Sense and Sensibility gown which I thought had an easy to sew pattern, but has an imperfect back bodice.